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Welcome to my World

I live in a great big city with lots to do and many places to explore! My friends and I are smart, adventurous, and trendy little girls.

We've been told that our best accessory is our smile, and we wear it wherever we go! We love ballet, horseback riding, giggling, and playing with our pets. Come hang out with us!


Explore Lori's World

Start the day in Lori's Loft and plan fun adventures with all of her friends! Tour the city with the Go Everywhere! Convertible Car to discover new places, and bring along a pet or two in the back seat!

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What People are saying about Lori


It's nice and fit my little dolls perfectly. I love it. Recommended!

Melbourne, AU

Bigger than expected so realistic our horsey grandchildren absolutely love it!

Queensland, AU

I really love the quality of the products and the size of the table is just fit my 4 lovely dolls. I recommend!

Melbourne, AU

The dog accessories are adorable, an extra outfit for the doll too and the scooter is so fun that little brother has played with it almost as much as sister : )

Cairns, AU